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Commercial Projects

For commercial clients Bister Architecture has provided a professional service based on 30 years of experience providing architectural and building solutions across all sectors. We have worked on all sizes and shapes of building from simple to complex, basic to high specification projects from inception to completion.

Understanding a client’s business is key to designing a building suitable for its end use and in some cases a unique bespoke service is needed for a unique building, however we have also worked for a number of businesses who have corporate standard concept plans and details which need to be constructed and utilised on various sites to maintain branding, in all cases Bister Architecture can provide a full or custom architectural service to fulfil a client’s requirements and provide an exemplary building.

In all circumstances regardless of the procurement route Bister Architecture will ensure that at each stage of a building’s design and construction that the information produced for the project is resilient and robust, to maintain the clients requirements and aspirations to contract completion, that it surpasses statutory requirements, that we will exercise a co-ordinated team approach, that at each stage risks are mitigated and resolved, that the process is transparent, honest and fully documented.

The main stages of a project is design, planning, tender, construction & handover and although the end product is providing drawings and specifications our role far extends beyond theses confines and from the start of the project the design stage can be complex and frustrating and this is where our experience comes into play and breaking the project down into bite size chunks provides clarity and focus for the way ahead.

From defining the brief, determine which stakeholders or end users need to be included in the design process, the legal agreements and building contracts required to be utilised on the project, appointment of the design team consultants - Structural Engineer, the Services Engineer & Quantity Surveyors and determine the inclusion of any other specialist consultants required i.e. Planning Consultant, Party Wall specialist or acoustician.

Design of the building, the form and structure, architectural style externally and internally, material selection, detailed design, lifecycle, facilitating the budget. Also at this time we would advise on the following for sustainability – energy conservation, solar energy and heating, rainwater harvesting, ground source heat pumps.

Bister Architecture has extensive materials, components & building systems experience which has allowed us to provide innovative and cost effective solutions compared to more traditional forms of construction whilst maintaining quality and reducing time on site.

All clients now have statutory obligations under CDM Act 2015 (Construction Design and Management Act 2015) and we would advise you the client the extent of your role and duties required under CDM. As principal designer our role of starting a Health and Safety file for the project and notifying the H & S executive of the project, identifying risks through design and building phases.

Discussing the proposals with the Local Authority and assessing the planning policies and directives that will impact the site & the proposed building. Preparing and making applications for planning approval and building regulations approval, and monitoring the process keeping you informed of progress.

Organising and preparing for the tender, determining and preparing the building contract, determining the choice of contractors, any specialist sub-contractors required, sub-contracts required, formalising and inviting contractors to tender & providing an assessment and analysis of the returned tenders leading to the appointment of the main contractor and signing of contracts.

Construction drawings and specifications can then be prepared and finalised before construction, contract value can be finalised, construction programs can be generated and agreed, and finally a date set for start on site.

During the course of the contract we would act as contract administrator which entails instigating regular Design and Contract team meetings, producing minutes and progress reports based on site monitoring, issue of instruction, variations, interim certificates, and assessing any extensions of time.

Upon completion of the works we would ensure all patent defects are complete, that all H&S files, O&M manuals are handed over complete, that all third party certificates are accounted for and that building control have issued their final certificate. We would then issue a completion certificate and the building occupied.

The rectification stage can then begin (previously called Defects Liability Stage) which normally lasts for a period of 6 or 12 months by which any latent defects need to be rectified before a final certificate can be issued. During this time final accounts are prepared and paid.

As illustrated the level of service is a lot bigger than just drawings and specification, planning and building regulations applications. The level of service means that in the first instance we are designers, project managers, technical designers, legal advisors, facilitators, technical co-ordinators, contract administrators all rolled into one, therefore to provide any building is very much a co-ordinated team approach including the client, consultants and contractors, thereby achieving a better end product, a tangible asset for you the client.

Bister Architecture has embraced BIM and has invested in Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium which contains both Revit and AutoCAD, and we maintain our subscription to Autodesk yearly which means that we are industry compatible with most consultants to co-ordinate services.

If you are ready to take the next step then call us on 01622 236 270 or send an email to ‘office@bisterarchitecture.com’ to discuss your project or arrange a meeting.

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