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David Bister’s Biography

David Bister MCIAT is the principal of Bister Architecture Limited and has practiced architecture for over 35 years for established leading practices in London. Most of the projects have been in the UK, however there are several projects of note in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Ukraine, & the Bahamas that he has been involved with.

As a Chartered Architectural Technologist David brings not only design & technology skills to the table but also vast wealth of experience in the technical aspects of building construction, processes & procedures at every stage of the building contract. He believes in a coordinated team approach to achieve an exemplary finished building for his clients.

David’s experience with materials, components & building systems, wall systems, floor systems, and roofing methods contribute to a leaner and more efficient design process and quicker detail design with a robust specification which allows the building contractor to tender with more assurance on the complexities of the project and creating a more fluid and realistic program of the works.

David’s mission is to provide his clients with a building that exceeds their expectations and aspirations, comes under budget and within program.


Bister Architectures vision is to be viewed as a sustainable company because of its distinctive ability to provide sustainable solutions to its clients through effective use of technology and other sustainable best building practices and procedures.

To learn, practice and teach sustainable design and construction as a core responsibility.

Bister Architecture is committed to minimizing the impact of the construction business on the environment and encouraging sustainable practices within the company.

Bister Architecture strives to tread lightly on the planet by minimizing the natural resources we consume during our normal operations and continuously reducing the amount of waste we generate. We encourage creative, forward-thinking ideas that will improve the efficiency of the construction process and the advancement of new building technologies.

Bister Architecture will invest in employee development to deliver the most efficient, sustainable construction projects for our clients.

History of CIAT - ‘Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists’*

The origins of CIAT began following a report by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) calling for the establishment of ‘an institute for technicians’. Consequently, on 12 February 1965, the Society of Architectural and Associated Technicians (SAAT) was founded, representing and qualifying technicians within construction. In its first year, 1,799 technicians joined the Society.

Recognition of the new Society along with increasing its membership were pivotal issues during the early decades, and SAAT successfully embedded itself as a lead body within the construction industry.

It was on 1 May 1986, that SAAT’s name changed to British Institute of Architectural Technicians (BIAT), to reflect the specialisms of Architectural Technicians, and in 1994 the title of the Institute changed to British Institute of Architectural Technologists, to recognise the development educationally and in practice of the professionally qualified Architectural Technologist. In 2002 the Institute introduced a new technician grade to recognise the professionally qualified Architectural Technician.

The Institute was recognised by incorporation by Royal Charter in July 2005. Full Members became Chartered Architectural Technologists, MCIAT — a protected title.

Approaching its 50th year in 2015, CIAT continues to build on its solid platform to develop the Architectural Technology discipline as the lead qualifying body.

For a full history of the Institute, a book commemorating the Institute's 40th anniversary, 40 Years On is available from CIAT, for further information please contact Adam Endacott, Public Relations Director and Archivist.

*Copyright CIAT.

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